SCIoI Alumni Network

Who can become a member of the SCIoI Alumni Network?

Membership is open to every scientist that worked for at least three months for SCIoI, either with a working contract or as a Principal Investigator. The Executive board has the authority to invite additional members

What is the aim?

The SCIoI Alumni Network facilitates the communication among previous SCIoI scientists to share recent developments, latest research results and ideas for new projects or collaboration opportunities. It bridges former and current SCIoI members in order to foster knowledge exchange and create an international network of intelligence scientists.

What are the benefits for members?

We believe that fostering a strong and diverse alumni community is essential for continued collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional networking. As such, we warmly welcome all eligible scientists to join our network and actively engage with fellow members.

How to be informed?

The Newsletter, Bulletin, invitations to talks and the Website are the primary sources of information. Furthermore, members will be invited to special events like the SCIoI Alumni Day.

How to stay in contact?

To stay connected, we have established two primary channels of communication: a mailing list and the Slack channel. For any inquiries or support you may require, the coordination office is here to assist you. You can reach out to us at the central contact point

What is the SCIoI Alumni Day?

The SCIoI Alumni Day is a moderated hybrid event coupled with a celebration ceremony for SCIoI’s successful doctoral candidates.

Invitation to SCIoI Alumni Day 2024

Save the date: 21 November 2024 noon to 4 pm, hybrid:

SCIoI’s first Alumni Symposium & Qualification Ceremony

All former SCIoI scientists will have the opportunity to gather and share recent developments, latest research results and ideas for new projects or opportunities for collaboration. On this occasion, we will celebrate, acknowledge and honor all our doctoral candidates who have successfully submitted their dissertations, marking the completion of SCIoI’s qualification program. Furthermore participants can also join the planned Thursday Morning Talk and our Distinguished Speaker’s lecture.

Members of SCIoI Alumni Network:

Jinan Allan

Niek Andresen

Johann Youri Chevalère

Anna Eiserbeck

Fritz Francisco

Mattis Jacobs

Robert Tjarko Lange

Dustin Marlon Lehmann

Antje Lorenz

Luis Alberto Gómez Nava

Doris Pischedda

Ole Pütz

Lynn Schmittwilken

Nicolas Spatola

Vincent Wall

Olga Wudarczyk-Markett

Anja Henke

Danny Driess

Martin Maier

The network keeps expanding