Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos

External Collaborator

Human Robot Interaction

HU Berlin


Photo: SCIoI

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Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos

Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos

Photo: SCIoI

Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos is a former SCIoI PostDoc and currently works with SCIoI as an external collaborator. He is a Computer Scientist who worked as a PostDoctoral Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction at Science of Intelligence and in Verena Hafner’s group at Humboldt University of Berlin. He received his PhD in Computer Science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, supervised by Joakim Gustafson and Gabriel Skantze. During his PhD, he visited Eric Horvitz’s group at Microsoft Research in Seattle mentored by Dan Bohus and Sean Andrist, Mohammad Soleymani‘s group at the Institute for Creative Technologies (University of Southern California) in Los Angeles, and David Schlangen’s group at the University of Potsdam in Berlin where he also held a PostDoctoral position after his PhD. At SCIoI he worked at the integration of social intelligence projects. He is interested in how conversational agents’ and social robots’ embodiment and non-verbal behaviours affect the process of establishing, maintaining and repairing common ground. His research has been published in HCI venues, such as HRI, CHI, and ICMI, in addition to psychology and computer science journals.


Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos is member of Project B2.

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Kontogiorgos, D. (2023). Explanations as Communicative Acts in Human-Robot Miscommunication. IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication - Workshops, IEEE RO-MAN-W 2023.
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