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Mattis Jacobs

Doctoral Researcher


TU Berlin


Photo: SCIoI

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Mattis Jacobs

Mattis Jacobs

Photo: SCIoI

Mattis Jacobs focused on research at the intersection of computer science, ethics, and philosophy of technology. He received his B.A. in Philosophy and Computer Science at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and his M.A. in Philosophy of Science and Knowledge at Technische Universität Berlin. In his PhD project, conducted at the Department of Informatics at Universität Hamburg, he addressed challenges for accounting for ethical principles and values in the design of technical artifacts which are part of larger socio-technical systems. At SCIoI, Mattis worked on project 19, where he investigates questions relating to technology development in accordance with ethical values and principles and research ethics in basic research. Furthermore, Mattis was a member of SCIoI’s Ethical Responsibility Committee.


Mattis Jacobs is member of Project 19.

Burema, D., Jacobs, M., & Rozborski, F. (2023). Elusive technologies, elusive responsibilities: on the perceived responsibility of basic AI researchers. AI and Ethics.
Srivastava, A., Rastogi, A., Rao, A., Shoeb, A. A. M., Abid, A., Fisch, A., Brown, A. R., Santoro, A., Gupta, A., Garriga-Alonso, A., Kluska, A., Lewkowycz, A., Agarwal, A., Power, A., Ray, A., Warstadt, A., Kocurek, A. W., Safaya, A., Tazarv, A., … Wu, Z. (2022). Beyond the Imitation Game: Quantifying and extrapolating the capabilities of language models.
Burema, D., Debowski-Weimann, N., Janowski, A. V., Grabowski, J., Maftei, M., Jacobs, M., Smagt, P. V. D., & Benbouzid, D. (2023). A sector-based approach to AI ethics: Understanding ethical issues of AI-related incidents within their sectoral context. AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society (AIES ’23).


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