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Florian Blume

Doctoral Researcher

Computer Vision

TU Berlin




Photo: SCIoI

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Florian Blume

Florian Blume

Photo: SCIoI

Florian Blume has obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Technische Universität Dresden in December 2019. His main focus was on machine learning and computer vision, working with deep neural networks for pose estimation and biological image denoising. At SCIoI, he was a PhD student carrying our research on knowledge-augmented face perception.


Florian Blume is member of Project 08.

Halawa, M., Blume, F., Bideau, P., Maier, M., Abdel Rahman, R., & Hellwich, O. (2024). Multi-Task Multi-Modal Self-Supervised Learning for Facial Expression Recognition. IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference Workshops (CVPRW) 2024.
Maier, M., Blume, F., Bideau, P., Hellwich, O., & Abdel Rahman, R. (2022). Knowledge-Augmented Face Perception: Prospects for the Bayesian Brain-Framework to Align AI and Human Vision. Consciousness and Cognition, 101.


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