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Equal Opportunities

To fulfill SCIoI’s research and educational mission, we seek to establish a climate that welcomes and promotes respect for the entire variety of human experiences. We welcome people from all backgrounds and we seek to include knowledge and values from many (scientific) cultures.

Doctoral program

The excellence cluster Science of Intelligence (SCIoI) is home to a thriving interdisciplinary group of researchers jointly striving to elucidate the principles of intelligence. As a doctoral student in SCIoI you will be part of that research and your doctoral research will play a crucial role in that research endeavour.

Doctoral projects in SCIoI are:

interactive: you will have regular progress meetings with your doctoral committee and bi-annual symposia with PIs and peers.

structured: you will complement your graduate research by an individually tailored curriculum of courses on different topics of intelligent research as well as soft-skill courses featuring topics such as scientific writing, presentation techniques etc.

Master's track

The SCIoI Master’s track teaches students a general understanding of the disciplines involved in intelligence research, their tools, and methodologies. It will enable them to converse in an interdisciplinary manner and introduce them to cutting-edge research in SCIoI.