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Dustin Lehmann

Doctoral Researcher

Control Systems

TU Berlin


Photo: SCIoI

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Dustin Lehmann

Dustin Lehmann

Photo: SCIoI

Dustin Lehmann graduated in Aerospace Engineering at TU Berlin, focusing on control theory. In his SCIoI doctoral project, he worked on applying control theory concepts to multi-agent learning problems. In particular, he focused on using learning control approaches as well as distributed and network control concepts.


Dustin Lehmann is member of Project 11.

Lehmann, D., Drebinger, P., Seel, T., & Raisch, J. (2023). Data-Driven Dynamic Input Transfer for Learning Control in Multi-Agent Systems with Heterogeneous Unknown Dynamics. 62nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC).
Meindl, M., Molinari, F., Lehmann, D., & Seel, T. (2022). Collective Iterative Learning Control: Exploiting Diversity in Multi-Agent Systems for Reference Tracking Tasks. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.
Meindl, M., Lehmann, D., & Seel, T. (2022). Bridging Reinforcement Learning and Iterative Learning Control: Autonomous Motion Learning for Unknown, Nonlinear Dynamics. Frontiers in Robotics and AI.


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