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Here is an overview of our events.

Benjamin Lang at “An excellent Science Slam”

At the Science Slam (30 April 22), young scientists from four Clusters of Excellence of the Berlin University Alliance present their research work in extra-ordinary ways. Among the speakers, SCIoI’s Benjamin Lang talks about intelligence, its definition and challenges. More information here.

Ralf Kurvers at “Meet the Scientist”, Humboldt Forum

In the series “Meet the Scientist” (5 May 22), SCIoI member Ralf Kurvers presents data collected in the Humboldt Lab over the last six months and gives insights into his findings and the fascinating field of collective psychology. More information here.

Girls’ Day 2022

On Girls’ Day 2022 (28 April 22), SCIoI members Jinan Allan and Marah Halawa give an overview of their life as women in science, including ambitions and possible challenges, and show their labs in the cluster. More information here.

Berlin Science Week 2021:
“6 o’clock with SCIoI”

Four evening talks to explore the diversity of intelligent behaviors, from robotic cameras to swarm intelligence. Speakers: Guillermo Gallego, Alex Kacelnik, Marc Toussaint, Pawel Romanczuk, Ralph Kurvers, and Fritz Francisco.

More here.

Distinguished Speaker Series 2021

Five distinguished guests explore the many facets of intelligence in a lively series of digital talks.

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2021:
The SCIoI Science Pub Quiz

A fun evening with Science of Intelligence (SCIoI) and Heidelberg’s Science Pub Quiz.

What is intelligence? Do beets float in water? Why should you pet your basil? SCIoI members Aravind Battaje and Lynn Schmittwilken, SCIoI researchers in the fields of neurosciences and robotics, spoke about their latest research and answered our most burning questions about brains and how computers can perceive the world.

Lange Nacht der Wisssenschaften 2021:
ROBOFISH: Mit einem Fischroboter das Schwarmverhalten verstehen 

For this year’s digital edition of the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaftem, David Bierbach prepared a demonstration explaining how Robofish, a robotic fish, can help us better understand group behavior in fish. 

Lange Nacht der Wisssenschaften 2021:
Collective Intelligence or Collective Stupidity? Swarm intelligence in fish and humans

In this talk, Pawel Romanczuk and Ralf Kurvers from our Excellence Cluster explored swarm intelligence in fish and humans, investigating the role of single individuals and social interactions in collective decisions, also exploring when collectives make good decisions, and when they go wrong.

Girls’ Day 2021

On Girls’ Day 2021 (April 22), SCIoI member Lynn Schmittwilken gave an inspiring talk about what it’s like to be a vision scientist, addressing 20 young girls from all around Germany. More information here.

Brain Awareness Week 2021

In March 2021, SCIoI participated in Brain Awareness Week with two events:
a lab demonstration on optical illusions, organized together with + the Active Perception and Cognition Lab (Martin Rolfs), and a talk about mindfulness for PhD students organized in collaboration with Scholar Minds and the Berlin School of Mind and Brain.

Nach der Natur: the new exhibition at the Humboldt Labor

The new Humboldt Labor exhibition in Berlin presents SCIoI together with all other Excellence Clusters in Berlin through a dynamic and fascinating exhibition encompassing the theme of swarm intelligence.
More here

Berlin Science Week:
“6 o’clock with SCIoI”

Five evening talks to discover intelligence seen from the different disciplines. Speakers include Alex Kacelnik, Marc Toussaint, Dimitri Coelho Mollo, Lynn Schmittwilken, Michael Pauen, Pawel Romanczuk, Ralph Kurvers, Ingo Schulz-Schaeffer, Rainer Mühlhoff.

More here.

Distinguished Speaker Series, Fall 2020

Guy Theraulaz, Michele Rucci, Giovanni Pezzulo, Naomi Leonard, Patricia Churchland.
Five distinguished speakers walk us through different areas
of collective intelligence, visual science, psychology, and neurology.
More here

Present Futures Forum, SCIoI’s Fishbowl Discussion: “Predictive AI — Crystal ball to see the future or a threat to civil rights?”

Rainer Mühlhoff and John-Dylan Haynes participated in a fishbowl discussion on predictive AI on 23 June 2020.

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2020

Event canceled.

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2019

Robots playing soccer, lab mice, visual experiments: SCIoI members demonstrated their science and talk about their discoveries for an entire evening.

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