Martin Maier

Postdoctoral researcher

Martin Maier works as a postdoctoral researcher in SCIoI project 08, “Knowledge-augmented face perception,” bridging the gap between human and synthetic face processing.

Martin is excited to bring his background in experimental psychology into SCIoI’s interdisciplinary team. He hopes to create novel paradigms to explore how humans and machines can draw on prior knowledge and context to improve visual perception. Martin’s previous work revealed influences of language on fundamental aspects of perception and was awarded by the Cognitive Science Society with the prestigious Glushko Dissertation Prize, as well as the ‘Dissertationspreis Adlershof’.


SCIoI Publications:

Maier, M., Frömer, R., Rost, J., Sommer, W., & Abdel Rahman, R. (2022). Linguistic and semantic influences on early vision: evidence from object perception and mental imagery. Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Embodiment and Relativity.
Maier, M., Blume, F., Bideau, P., Hellwich, O., & Abdel Rahman, R. (2022). Knowledge-Augmented Face Perception: Prospects for the Bayesian Brain-Framework to Align AI and Human Vision. Consciousness and Cognition, 101.
Maier, M., Leonhardt, Alexander, & Abdel Rahman, R. (2022). Bad robots? Humans rapidly attribute mental states during the perception of robot faces. KogWis 2022.
Leonhardt, A., Maier, M., & Abdel Rahman, R. (2021). The impact of affective knowledge on the perception and evaluation of robot faces. 5th Virtual Social Interactions (VSI) Conference.