Our Mission

“We explore and build the principles of intelligent behavior in order to understand it”

What is intelligence?

Understanding intelligence is one of the great scientific challenges of our time. Researchers have spent decades trying to define this elusive feature. However, despite immense scientific efforts spanning different disciplines, to this day our understanding of intelligence remains fragmented. The disciplines dealing with this topic, from psychology to neurology, from behavioral science to robotics, tend to remain segregated, and their findings disconnected. Our goal at Science of Intelligence is to create a unified, interdisciplinary endeavor towards the understanding of intelligence, and we do this by observing, analyzing, and building intelligent behavior, examining it from both its biological and artificial standpoints.

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To reveal the principles of intelligence is a long-term goal. Therefore, the cluster is devoted to the training of the next generation of intelligence researchers.

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And if all this sounds futuristic and exciting, we mustn’t forget that the public debate on artificial intelligence raises ethical questions and it will continue to have an immediate impact on industry and society. It is our responsibility to help the scientific community address these questions and develop ethically responsible methods for future intelligence research.


An overview of our scientific work

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