Studying Science of Intelligence

Graduate Program

Science of Intelligence is committed to the development of early-career researchers. The SCIoI doctoral program, supported by the Berlin School of Mind & Brain at HU Berlin, offers the opportunity to perform research towards a PhD in a diverse, interdisciplinary research and teaching environment. As a doctoral student, you will focus your research around your thesis and gain hands-on experience from diverse disciplinary perspectives. Your research will be complemented by course work covering mathematical frameworks to formulate computational models, architectures to build artificial systems and experimental methods from psychology, behavioral biology and cognitive neuroscience. In particular, system building methodology and integration science will be part of your curriculum to enable integration of your research in synthetic systems.

Master’s Track

The Master track Science of Intelligence at TU Berlin provides an ideal learning experience for future SCIoI researchers. It offers training on intelligence-related topics (perception, reasoning, learning, etc.) from the complementary perspectives of computer science and psychology. This prepares Master’s students for bridging synthetic and analytic disciplines. The experience gained in this training program will inform the design of the SCIoI curricula for the Master’s program.

If you are already enrolled as a Master Student in Computer Science at TU Berlin have a look at the curriculum which focusses on SCIoI-related topics. For general information on how to enroll please visit EECS’s website.

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