Our Research Projects

Our Research Projects

Object-level scene descriptions and attention in visual search

Capabilities and consequences of recursive, hierarchical information processing in visual systems

Mouse lock box

Intelligent kinematic problem solving

Learning of intelligent swarm behavior

Architectural design principles for intelligence: Modularity vs Integrity

Efficient Multi-task Deep Learning

Dexterous and sensorized soft robotic hands

Methodology of the synthetic approach

Ethics of intelligence

Concept of intelligence

Developing exploration behavior

Ecologically rational strategy selection

Control models of perceptual stability

The collective dynamics underlying personal and social information integration

Speed-accuracy tradeoffs in collective estimation

Learning to manipulate from demonstration (to escape from a room)

Hierarchical modularized vision system for perception-action loops

Analyzing human physical reasoning and strategy exploration on physical puzzles

Shepherding behaviour in predator-prey interactions

Weighing personal and social information in cooperative problem solving

Differentiable interconnected recursive estimation as a principle of intelligence

Active tracking using bioinspired event-based vision – Towards improving interpretability of individual and collective behavior

Physical manipulation planning with differentiable closed-loop manipulation primitives

Big mouse data

Self-organised criticality in animal collectives

Behavioral contagion in human and artificial multi-agent systems

Generating robust and general real-world behavior by exploiting regularities at multiple levels of abstraction

Efficient model learning from data with partially incorrect labels

Modeling neurogenesis for continuous learning

Mouse lock box 2

Parrobots II

Navigating the explore-exploit trade off in collective search

Evolution of collective cognition through individual-level selection

Internal and External Visual Information Sampling Using Eye-Movements and Overt Attention in Dynamic Scenes

From exploring basic maze elements to algorithmic rules for the escape room


Neural representations for lifelong learning

Integration projects

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