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Diversity at SCIoI

At SCIoI we firmly believe in diversity and we strive to develop measures that increase the representation of underrepresented groups.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Our approach is centered around fostering an inclusive and prejudice-free work environment, acknowledging both commonalities and differences among members, and promoting a culture of respect and equality.

While SCIoI as an excellence cluster encompasses a wide variety of disciplines and very diverse academic backgrounds, diversity and inclusion management cover the social components and work culture. It aims to create an environment in which scholars feel welcomed and included for who they are on a personal level, allowing them to thrive in their scientific work and academic careers.

Our primary objective is to cultivate an academic environment that is not only excellent in research but also embraces the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We aim to create a community where scholars from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or other characteristics, feel valued, included, and empowered to contribute to our research endeavors.


Our Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC), supported by the diversity and equal opportunities manager, oversees and evaluates measures to support the underrepresented groups within the Cluster, and hold responsibility for all matters relating to all aspects of diversity. Both work on developing structures, tools, and initiatives to promote diversity and equal opportunities.

Gender equality and underrepresented groups

SCIoI has successfully increased the proportion of female researchers, with 50% of new doctoral students and Postdocs in 2023 being women, and women currently comprising 48% of the Postdoc group.

We actively participate in outreach programs encouraging underrepresented groups to pursue doctoral studies, including events like Mall Anders, Girls’ Day, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Berlin Science Week, and social media campaigns.

Supporting diversity during the application process

Our recruitment processes emphasize inclusivity through international job boards, online applications, and full coverage of travel expenses for admissions symposium attendance.

Family and childcare

At SCIoI we have a parent-child office that is equipped with child-friendly furniture.

Our family-friendly policies include avoiding weekend and evening events during school holidays and offering part-time positions upon researcher request to accommodate work-life balance.

Furthermore, SCIoI subsidizes travel and childcare costs within the DFG guidelines to facilitate professional travel for researchers with young children.

In our events, we offer a separate room for childcare upon request.



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