Ole Pütz

Postdoctoral researcher
mail: ole.puetz@tu-berlin.de

Ole Pütz studied sociology at Bielefeld University, with a research stay at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. He received his doctorate with honors in 2016.  Before joining the SCIoI cluster and the Institute of Sociology at TU Berlin, Ole taught in the field of qualitative methods at the Faculty of Sociology at Bielefeld University, worked in the university administration, and most recently was a member of the Semantic Computing Group at CITEC at Bielefeld University. At CITEC, he was responsible for the management (with Philipp Cimiano and Florian Muhle) of the “Unbiased Bots that Build Bridges” project, and also conducted ethnographic research to better understand how computer scientists collaboratively create working prototypes as part of their research. At SCIoI, he is working on the “Methodology of the Synthetic Approach” project, continuing to pursue his research interest in synthetic artifacts.

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