SCIoI's Lecture Series

Our three interdisciplinary lecture series give SCIoI members direct contact with the important ideas in intelligence research and foster networking and scientific exchanges within SCIoI and within the scientific community both in Germany and internationally. Our talks are open to the public. They are also part of the curricular requirements of SCIoI’s doctoral program. Please check our Event Calendar for details about each talk.

Here is a brief overview of our talk series:

Distinguished Speaker Series

Our distinguished guests explore the many facets of intelligence and offer SCIoI and external audiences the opportunity to meet and learn from their groundbreaking involvement in intelligence research. Click here to take a look at our past and future Distinguished Speaker Series lectures.

PI Lectures

SCIoI principal investigators (PIs) walk audiences through their research topics through bi-weekly lectures on a variety of topics. Click here to find out about our upcoming PI Lectures.

Thursday Morning Talks

Through these one-hour lectures, SCIoI members discuss their research progress or invite notable external guests to talk about their research activities. Click here to find out about our upcoming Thursday Morning Talks.


An overview of our scientific work

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