Pawel Romanczuk

Principal Investigator

Behavioral Biology

HU Berlin



Phone: +49 30 2093 6780


Photo: SCIoI

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Pawel Romanczuk

Pawel Romanczuk

Photo: SCIoI

Pawel Romanczuk holds a professorship on Complexity Research in Adaptive Systems at HU. For SCIoI, he works at the interface of applied mathematics, theoretical physics, and behavioral biology. He focuses on collective behavior of organismic systems. His research bridges analytical and synthetic sciences to study self-organization, evolutionary adaptations, and functional dynamical behavior.


Pawel Romanczuk is member of Project 11, Project 12, Project 26, Project 27, Project 33, Project 34, Project 41, Project 42, Project 51, Project 52, Project B3.

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