What does the swarm know? Collective intelligence explained at the HU Lab’s MitWissenschaft Event

As part of the events linked to the exhibition Nach der Natur at the Humboldt Forum, on 25 November at 7pm cluster members Jens Krause, Lea Musiolek, and Pawel Romanczuk will take part in an exciting discussion on the meaning, the study, and the challenges of collective intelligence, bringing great examples and fascinating materials. How do schools of fish move together, and how do they avoid danger? How do groups make decisions that are efficient for everyone? And how does this apply to artificial agents such as robots? Do not miss this moderated, in-person talk at the Humboldt Forum!


More information and registration instructions here: https://www.humboldtforum.org/de/programm/termin/diskurs/was-weiss-der-schwarm-intelligenz-verstehen-lernen-34503/


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