The SCIoI Master’s Track at TU Berlin

An intelligence research focus in the TU Berlin Computer Science curriculum

Training a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers focusing on intelligence topics is one of the missions of the Excellence Cluster Science of Intelligence, and we are excited to offer a unique Master’s track within the MSc program Computer Science at TU Berlin.
With a distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on the different facets of intelligence, both biological and artificial, the SCIoI Master’s track prepares students for a career in intelligence research and is an ideal learning experience for aspiring SCIoI candidates. The program offers training on intelligence-related topics (perception, reasoning, learning, etc.) from the complementary perspectives of computer science and psychology, and prepares Master’s students for bridging synthetic and analytic disciplines. In addition, it gives students the possibility to better understand the ins and outs of a Cluster of Excellence.

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A combination of computer science and intelligence studies

The SCIoI Master’s track, only available to students who are already enrolled in the TU Berlin’s Master’s degree in Computer Science, is the ideal choice for all those who are interested in adding an intelligence research angle to their curriculum. It provides students with professional qualifications in the field of intelligence and enhances their skills for independent scientific work in topics ranging from robotics and control technologies to psychology, behavioral biology, and ethics. Students who successfully complete the SCIoI track receive, in addition to their Master’s diploma, a Science of Intelligence certificate that will demonstrate their study focus when applying for subsequent positions in academia or industry.


Currently, the SCIoI Master’s track is only available for TU students who are already enrolled in the Master’s program in Computer Science at TU Berlin. Please follow this link for more information about the TU’s Computer Science program and click here to know more about its tracks. Or just refer to the FAQs if you have any further questions about admissions.

Contacts and Questions

Our list of Frequently Asked Questions includes many of the most frequent inquiries and is a great way to get a comprehensive understanding of the program’s ins and outs. If you have a question that is not included in the FAQ list, please send an email to the contacts below.

— For questions regarding eligibility and admission requirements, please contact the TU Admissions offices.
— For information specific to the SCIoI Master track, or regarding the modules and the curriculum, please write to


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