Dafna Burema

Postdoctoral Researcher


TU Berlin




Photo: SCIoI

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Dafna Burema

Dafna Burema

Photo: SCIoI

Dafna Burema is a sociologist and postdoctoral researcher specializing in AI and robot ethics. Her work focusses on the social implications of AI and other new technologies, aiming to understand their societal meaning. She earned her PhD at the University of Bremen, focusing on the topic of social robots in eldercare and the biases they carry. She has a particular interest in critical theory and uses qualitative research methods in her work.


Dafna Burema is member of Project A1, Project 19.

Burema, D., Jacobs, M., & Rozborski, F. (2023). Elusive technologies, elusive responsibilities: on the perceived responsibility of basic AI researchers. AI and Ethics.
Burema, D., Debowski-Weimann, N., Janowski, A. V., Grabowski, J., Maftei, M., Jacobs, M., Smagt, P. V. D., & Benbouzid, D. (2023). A sector-based approach to AI ethics: Understanding ethical issues of AI-related incidents within their sectoral context. AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society (AIES ’23).


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