SCIoI in a Nutshell – a Video Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Understanding intelligence has never been more critical than in today’s fast-paced era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements. At the Cluster of Excellence Science of Intelligence (SCIoI) in Berlin, we navigate through the realms of natural and artificial intelligence, aiming to decipher their intricacies and intersections to uncover their complexities and points of convergence. With evolving AI technologies, there is an increasing need to ensure safety and align these systems with human values.


Our approach is holistic and interdisciplinary, drawing insights from a variety of disciplines such as biology, psychology, robotics, and computer science. By observing humans and animals in their natural habitats, we aim to distill principles of natural intelligence and apply them to enhance robotic technologies. Our research is diverse, spanning from the study of collective behavior in swarms of fish or flocks of birds to the development of social intelligence in humanoid robots.

SCIoI has produced a comprehensive video to offer a glimpse into these multifaceted efforts, intending to spark curiosity and provide a deeper understanding of the importance of our work.

The video features interviews with our researchers, including Mohsen Raoufi, Magdalena Yordanova, Katharina Hohlbaum, Manuel Baum, Dafna Burema and Jens Krause. Through these conversations, viewers gain access to the passion and dedication that fuels our research, along with insights into the challenges and triumphs of working at the of the forefront of intelligence research.

We invite you to join us in this visual exploration of our work.


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