Benjamin Lang

Doctoral Researcher

Molecular Biology





Photo: SCIoI

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Benjamin Lang

Benjamin Lang

Photo: SCIoI

Benjamin Lang obtained his B.Sc. in Biosciences and his M.Sc. in Molecular Biosciences from Heidelberg University, majoring in Infectious Diseases. Before joining SCIoI in 2020, he carried out his master thesis project at the MRC-Centre for Virus Research in Glasgow, where he investigated the host-response to type III interferons at the single-cell level. While previously using mice as disease models, they now serve as a model organism to study social learning in his doctoral project. The investigation of social learning strategies with respect to the impact of affective states and emotional signaling will lay the basis for the synthetic modeling of social reinforcement learning. At SCIoI, Benjamin works on the Project 25, “Mice Learning in Social Interaction”.


Benjamin Lang is member of Project 25.

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