Communicating Hot Topics in Intelligence Research (Science of Intelligence: Distilling Discourse into Outreach)

The module comprises a distinguished speaker series, with six international experts coming to Berlin to give a lecture each. The experts are recruited from the fields of neuroscience, machine learning, robotics, behavioral biology, psychology, and philosophy. Prefacing the distinguished speaker series, the participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of science communication and scientific storytelling. They will then apply the learned knowledge by conducting short interviews in groups with one of the invited experts. Those interviews will be complemented by further interviewing one SCIoI-internal expert with a similar field of expertise. The participants will then, under guidance, write a podcasting script, process the interviews, record their own material, and then finally produce a short science podcast series, with each group contributing one episode. The podcast will be released on common podcasting platforms.

Course Duration
15 April – 20 July 2024

MAR Building @ TU Berlin
Marchstr. 23, 10587 Berlin
Room 2.057

Tuesdays 4–6pm


Exam registration*
*(Exam is mandatory for receiving credit)
Camilla Groiß

Course organizers
Nicolas Roth and Benjamin Lang

Supervising PI
Klaus Obermayer

Learning Outcomes
Acquisition of science communication skills and deeper knowledge in selected current topics of intelligence research. After successful completion, the participants will have 1) gained insight into a selection of ‘hot topics’ from current intelligence research, as presented by international experts, and 2) acquired the fundamental skills for communicating science to lay audiences, exemplary by 3) producing a short podcast episode intended for public release.

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