alex kacelnik

Alex Kacelnik

External PI
University of Oxford, Biology

Alex Kacelnik FRS is a behavioural ecologist that works on animal behaviour and its underlying psychological mechanisms. His research includes studies of decision making, learning and memory in birds, mammals, insects and other animals. In SCioI he collaborates with Oliver Brock and Alice Auersperg in research on intelligence in cockatoos and its emulation in artificial systems. He is also is a member and promotor of the Oxford-Berlin partnership.

At SCIoI, Alex is working on Project 04, “Intelligent kinematic problem solving.”


SCIoI Publications:

Monteiro, T., Hart, T., & Kacelnik, A. (2021). Imprinting on time-structured acoustic stimuli in ducklings. Biology Letters, 17.
Lois-Milevicich, J., Cerrutti, M., Kacelnik, A., & Reboreda, J. (2021). Sex differences in learning flexibility in an avian brood parasite, the shiny cowbird. Behavioural Processes. Behavioural Processes, 189.
Kacelnik, A., Vasconcelos, M., & Monteiro, T. (2023). Testing cognitive models of decision-making: selected studies with starlings. Animal Cognition, 26, 117–127.
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Ajuwon, V., Ojeda, A., Murphy, R., Monteiro, T., & Kacelnik, A. (2022). Paradoxical choice and the reinforcing value of information. Animal Cognition, 26.