We've asked our IT Officers, Stephan Rosenzweig and Serkan Korkmaz, about their daily life at SCIoI, and here is what they answered. The two of you are behind the IT infrastructure at SCIoI. What does that mean? What does your typical day look like? Stephan: Our primary responsibility is to oversee and maintain the IT infrastructure. This includes providing

Efficient AI for individual artificial agents and teams is a critical area of research for computer science and engineering. To explore paths towards efficient and sustainable robot perception and learning, the Excellence Cluster Science of Intelligence (SCIoI, Berlin, Germany) and the International Society of Adaptive Behavior (ISAB, Aberystwyth, UK) are hosting a one-week summer school in Berlin on the

Event cameras mimic the human eye to allow robots to navigate their environment. Science of Intelligence PI Guillermo Gallego, together with Shintaro Shiba and Yoshimitsu Aoki from Keio University in Japan, recently found a new approach to help minimize the related computational costs.  The new method used event camera data, just like the previous method, but also

PRESS RELEASE by Science of Intelligence 24 January 2023 Sheep are more democratic than you think Collective motion brings to mind fascinating images, such as the flocks of birds over a corn field, or schools of barracudas as they move in circles in the water. These motions are also particularly appealing to physicists, as the patterns that emerge lend