SCIoI scientists to co-organize a workshop on robot trust for symbiotic societies at ICRA 2024

We are excited to announce that on 13 May, 2024, Science of Intelligence PI Verena Hafner, researcher Anna Lange and former SCIoI scientist Murat Kirtay will co-host a workshop about Robot Trust for Symbiotic Societies (RTSS) at the IEEE ICRA 2024. This conference includes plenary and keynote sessions, contributed paper sessions, workshops and tutorial sessions, robot competitions and numerous social events.

The RTSS workshop aims to tackle the challenge of fostering trust between humans and artificial counterparts, such as humanoid robots, essential for creating a symbiotic society. It will explore existing knowledge in human-robot interaction and discuss how to transfer it to robots. This edition will also delve into the role of adaptive behaviors in trust formation, examining how robots can rapidly adapt to changing situations. The organizers and participants will consider the implications of limited robot adaptivity on human trust and the potential benefits of integrating adaptive behavior into trust formation processes.

The workshop will take place in conjunction with 2024 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in PACIFICO Yokohama (13-17 May), which is a leading conference in the field. This year’s conference theme is “CONNECT+,” reflecting the conference’s aim of helping to build relationships and potential collaborations with participants within and outside their field of study. ICRA brings together robotics researchers, students and industrial partners from around the world to discuss the latest innovations and breakthroughs, highlighting the role of robotics and automation in addressing global challenges.

At SCIoI, Verena Hafner represents the synthetic discipline of robotics. She focuses on sensorimotor interaction and development – her investigation of social interaction in artificial agents has attracted high interest in the robotics community. Anna Lange’s research revolves around enhancing adaptive learning and teaching strategies in robots during social interactions. She focuses on creating adaptive neural networks grounded in the principles of human psychology.

Additionally, SCIoI PI Heiko Hamann will also partake at ICRA 2024 by being a main speaker on the full-day hybrid workshop Breaking swarm stereotypes (17 May) with the keynote “Challenging Scalability in Robot Swarms: Robustness under Dynamic Swarm Size”.

Last but not least, SCIoI researcher Svetlana Levit will be presenting her work “Solving sequential manipulation puzzles by finding easier subproblems” at the oral and poster sessions of the conference.


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