Heiko Hamann

Principal Investigator

Swarm Robotics

U Konstanz




Photo: SCIoI

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Heiko Hamann

Heiko Hamann

Photo: SCIoI

Heiko Hamann is a roboticist with focus on collective systems. With his group he studies distributed robotics, machine learning for robotics, and bio-hybrid systems. In his collaboration with Dr Romanczuk he investigates collective intelligence and especially the swarm robotics aspects of “Speed-accuracy tradeoffs in distributed collective decision making.”


Heiko Hamann is member of Project 27, Project 33, Project 34, Project 51.

Hamann, F., & Gallego, G. (2022). Stereo Co-capture System for Recording and Tracking Fish with Frame- and Event Cameras. International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Workshop on Visual observation and analysis of Vertebrate And Insect Behavior.
Raoufi, M., Hamann, H., & Romanczuk, P. (2021). Speed-vs-Accuracy Tradeoff in Collective Estimation: An Adaptive Exploration-Exploitation Case. IEEE 2021 International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS).
Hamann, F., Ghosh, S., Martínez, I. J., Hart, T., Kacelnik, A., & Gallego, G. (2024). Low-power, Continuous Remote Behavioral Localization with Event Cameras. CVPR.
Raoufi, M., Romanczuk, P., & Hamann, H. (2023). Inter-individual Variations in Swarm Robotics with the Case Study of Kilobots. ICRA 2023/workshop “Heterogeneity in Multi-Robot Systems.”
Raoufi, M., Romanczuk, P., & Hamann, H. (2023). Individuality in Swarm Robots with the Case Study of Kilobots: Noise, Bug, or Feature? Artificial Life (ALife) 2023.
Shiba, S., Hamann, F., Aoki, Y., & Gallego, G. (2023). Event-based Background-Oriented Schlieren. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 1–16.
Raoufi, M., Romanczuk, P., & Hamann, H. (2023). Estimation of continuous environments by robot swarms: Correlated networks and decision-making. ICRA 2023.


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