Mohsen Raoufi

Doctoral researcher

Mohsen obtained his Master’s degree in Dynamics and Control from Sharif University of Technology with a study on “State Estimation of Nonlinear Systems Using a Swarm-based Optimization Algorithm.” His primary research interests lie in dynamics and control, swarm robotics, optimization algorithms, and network dynamics.

At SCIoI, he is involved in Project 27, titled “Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Collective Estimation,” led by Pawel Romanczuk (Humboldt University of Berlin) and Heiko Hamann (University of Konstanz.) The main objective of this project is to gain insights into how modifications at the individual level affect both the accuracy and speed of collective estimation. Specifically, the project investigates the influence of factors such as the diversity of opinions, exploration-exploitation behaviors, and communication networks on the dynamics of the collective process.

SCIoI Publications:

Raoufi, M., Hamann, H., & Romanczuk, P. (2021). Speed-vs-Accuracy Tradeoff in Collective Estimation: An Adaptive Exploration-Exploitation Case. IEEE 2021 International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS).
Raoufi, M., Romanczuk, P., & Hamann, H. (2023). Estimation of continuous environments by robot swarms: Correlated networks and decision-making. ICRA 2023.
Raoufi, M., Romanczuk, P., & Hamann, H. (2023). Inter-individual Variations in Swarm Robotics with the Case Study of Kilobots. ICRA 2023/workshop “Heterogeneity in Multi-Robot Systems.”
Raoufi, M., Romanczuk, P., & Hamann, H. (2023). Individuality in Swarm Robots with the Case Study of Kilobots: Noise, Bug, or Feature? Artificial Life (ALife) 2023.
Amjadi, A. S., Raoufi, M., & Turgut, A. E. (2021). A self-adaptive landmark-based aggregation method for robot swarms. Adaptive Behavior, 30(3), 223–236.