Aravind Battaje

Doctoral researcher
Aravind Battaje is a PhD student with SCIoI and a member of the Robotics and Biology Laboratory. His research interest is in the intersection of robotics, computer vision, machine learning/optimization, and neuroscience. At SCIoI, he works on robotic interactive perception, and plans to develop perceptual information processing systems that can inform and get informed by visual processing principles in humans.
Aravind received his MS from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, where he worked with Byron Boots on developing part of perception stack for AutoRally – a platform for experimenting with aggressive autonomous driving. Before that, he worked as a Computer Vision engineer for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at Robert Bosch.

SCIoI Publications:

Mengers, V., Battaje, A., Baum, M., & Brock, O. (2023). Combining Motion and Appearance for Robust Probabilistic Object Segmentation in Real Time. ICRA 2023.
Godinez, A., Battaje, A., Brock, O., & Rolfs, M. (2023). Probing Perceptual Mechanism of Shape-Contingent Color after-Images via Interconnected Recursive Filters. Journal of Vision 23 / VSS 2023.
Baum, M., Froessl, A., Battaje, A., & Brock, O. (2023). Estimating the Motion of Drawers From Sound. ICRA 2023.
Battaje, A., Brock, O., & Rolfs, M. (2023). An Interactive Motion Perception Tool for Kindergarteners (and Vision Scientists). IPerception.
Battaje, A., & Brock, O. (2022). One Object at a Time: Accurate and Robust Structure From Motion for Robots. IROS 2022.
Battaje, A., & Brock, O. (2021). Interconnected Recursive Filters in Artificial and Biological Vision. DGR Days 2021, 32–32.