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Our research cluster offers many opportunities for to work and thrive in a unique scientific research environment. We are currently hiring scientific and assistant personnel — with different levels of experience and with different backgrounds.

Balancing family and career

SCIoI offers childcare outside of regular working hours, complementing the nursery schools and kindergartens at TU and HU Berlin.

To facilitate professional travel for researchers with young children, SCIoI subsidizes the travel of the children, and fund professional childcare at the destination or subsidize travel for the other childcare-providing parent or partner.

By default, all positions for doctoral students and postdocs within SCIoI are full-time. To accommodate a balance between family and career, part-time positions are granted upon the request of the researcher.


To fulfill SCIoI’s research and educational mission, we seek to establish a climate that welcomes and promotes respect for the entire variety of human experience. We welcome people from all backgrounds and we seek to include knowledge and values from many (scientific) cultures.


Scientific Positions (Post-doc)

We are recruiting post-doc level researchers to work both, in various individual research projects, and at the cross-section of multiple projects. This is a unique opportunity to broaden your research portfolio and to develop skills and networks that span many different disciplines related to intelligence research.

Support Positions

These positions offer insight into state-of-the-art intelligence research and the opportunity to engage in exciting experimental work — in a lively, social and intellectually stimulating environment.

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