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2 pos­i­tions, Lab Man­ager, sup­port for syn­thetic research, salary grade E13 TV-L, closing date 14.2.2020

Call for applications is now closed!

Applications for these positions are no longer being accepted! 

Mapping behavioral-experiential trajectories in genetically identical newborn individual fish

Algorithmic models of exploration behavior

Modularized Visual Understanding for Perception-Action Loops

Rational strategy selection in decisions under risk

Rational selection of exploration strategies for robotic manipulation in partially observable, real-world environments

Perceptual stability in active observers: Psychophysics and Modeling

Analysis of mice learning in social interaction

Mice Interaction Modeling from Multi-View Video

The collective dynamics underlying personal and social information integration

Adaptive distributed collective decision making of bio-inspired robotic swarms

Online Learning of Constrained Manipulation from Corrective and Explorative Demonstrations

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