The SCIoI Coordination Office

SCIoI’s coordination office supports the cluster’s daily activities. This includes financial management and budgeting, travel arrangements, reimbursements and purchases, but also all media and communication activities as well as HR and recruitment. Through its Lab Management team, the coordination office is involved in the management of the entire scientific infrastructure, while an academic coordinator supports the cluster’s doctoral program and academic relations. The cluster’s diversity officer ensures equal opportunities for all current and prospective members.

***Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) under Germany ́s Excellence Strategy – EXC-2002/1 – Project number 390523135. 

General Contacts

Please contact our central e-mail:

By Phone:
+49 30 314 77344

For invoices and letters to our secretary’s offices, please write to:

Technische Universität Berlin
Science of Intelligence (SCIoI)
Marchstr. 23 – MAR 5-2
10587 Berlin

Contact our teams


The secretary’s office manages administration activities, logistics, and is the first contact point for all kind of questions.

By e-mail:

By Phone: +49 30 314 77344

Antje Kaczmarek

Press & Communications

The Press & Communications team manages external communications, science communication, and relations with the press.

Tel: +49 30 314 70100

Lab Management

SCIoI’s lab managers oversee the cluster’s lab infrastructure.


Team members:
Michael Brück
Mathis Kaiser
Satyendra Nishad
Rolf Struikmans
Niki Vavatzanidis


SCIoI’s IT team manages the cluster’s IT structure. 


Team members:
Serkan Korkmaz
Stephan Rosenzweig

Where we are

Science of Intelligence has labs at different Berlin universities, but the cluster’s headquarters are based inside the MAR building of the Technische Universität Berlin, in Charlottenburg (see map below).


Technische Universität Berlin
Science of Intelligence (SCIoI)

Marchstr. 23, 10587 Berlin, Germany


Our managing director manages the central activities of the coordination office; our project manager oversees the projects and the team’s activities.


Managing Director
Kathleen Waak

Project Manager
Konstantin Olschofsky


Our finance office coordinates budgeting and purchases.


Team members
Sabine Bruno
Sandra Heck

Academic Coordination

Our academic coordination office is responsible for the doctoral program and post-doctoral activities.


Team members: 
Julten Abdelhalim

Equal Opportunity

Our equal opportunity office is responsible for building awareness on and all activities to enhance the benefits of diversity.


Team members: 
Lujain Kretzschmar

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