Further “Mexican wave” investigations bring the Fish Lab back to Mexico. Check out the photos!

1. Team selfie: David Bierbach (SCIoI), Emmanuel Jimenez-Jimenez, Alejandro Juarez, Natalia Hernandez Roman (all UJAT), Yunus Sevinchan, Jens Krause, Korbinian Pacher (all SCIoI). © Natalia Hernandez Roman
2. Dinner at Tapijulapa. © Yunus Sevinchan
3. The team watching birds before night comes. © Yunus Sevinchan
4. Going down the hills. © Alejandro Juarez
5. David together with Natalia and Alejandro doing experiments with the sulphur fish. © Korbinian Pacher
6. Las Cascadas de Villa Luz – sulphur water! © Alejandro Juarez
7. Yunus taking a team picture with an old-fashoned camera. © Natalia Hernandez Roman
8. Korbinian in Chamber 11 of the sulphur cave. © Natalia Hernandez Roman
9. Dinner after a hard day on a roof-top bar at Tapijulapa. © David Bierbach
10. David holding a talk at the local university. © Natalia Hernandez Roman
11. The team. © David Bierbach
12. Admiring the view. © Natalia Hernandez Roman
13. Jens Krause and David Bierbach exploring the site from a bridge. © Yunus Sevinchan
14. Early morning view of the sulphur river field site we were working on. © Yunus Sevinchan
15. David and Natalia taking water samples. © Yunus Sevinchan
16. Setting out to the field site on the first morning. The pipe-frame is for calibration of the videos. © Yunus Sevinchan
17. Yunus made himself a “mega desk” for standardising and half-automating the water sampling! Fancy!!! © David Bierbach
18. David crosses the river to install the camera on the other side. © Yunus Sevinchan
19. Local student Natalia takes closeup pictures of the attacking birds. © Yunus Sevinchan
20. This little guy (or girl?) was always around us watching our work with interest (and catching iguanas). © David Bierbach
21. Fish samples. © Korbinian Pacher
22. Fish samples. © Natalia Hernandez Roman
23. The whole team before departure – some rain didn’t get us down! © Korbinian Pacher
24. SCIoI Team is ready to rumble! © Natalia Hernandez Roman
25. Every inch is needed! © Natalia Hernandez Roman
26. Roof-Top view over Tapijulapa -according the the Lonely Planet one of Mexico’s most beautiful towns. © Korbinian Pacher
27. Some of the field sites could only be reached by a bridge. © Korbinian Pacher
28. David Bierbach with Prof. Lenin, our great host at UJAT © Natalia Hernandez Roman


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