Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2022

Check out these great events organized by SCIoI as part of the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2022 (2 July 2022). We will have Richard Schweitzer, Angelica Godinez, and Mara Doering showing and performing experiments on eye movements, Dustin Lehmann presenting robot interaction, plus a demonstration on swarm intelligence with Mohsen Raoufi, and a talk with David Bierbach at the Humboldt Labor. Do not miss this exciting evening, and read below for more information!

Title: “Saccades – the fastest human movement” (experiment)
Speakers: Richard Schweitzer, Angelica Godinez, and Mara Doering
Time: 5–10pm
Place: Light lab and dark lab, MAR Building (Marchstr. 23, 10587 Berlin), 2nd floor, Room 2.009

To perceive the world around us, we constantly make rapid eye movements called saccades. Despite being the fastest and most frequent of all human movements, we remain largely unaware of them. To observe this, just try to detect your own saccades in the mirror. Using high-speed recording and presentation devices, we can make your saccades and their visual consequences visible. Maybe you can even take a slow-motion video of one of your own saccades at home!

Title: “Exploiting Group Knowledge: collective learning behavior in a group of robots” (demonstration)
Speaker: Dustin Lehmann
Time: 5–11pm
Place: Optitrack Lab, inside the Isaac Asimov Lab, MAR Building (Marchstr. 23, 10587 Berlin), 6th floor (next to the elevators)


In this demonstration visitors can experience a group of balancing robots working together to learn difficult motions and moving together like a collective. Visitors can even take control of individual robots to see how the other robots react and adapt their behavior. 

Title: “Meet the Swarm Robots” (demonstration)
Speaker: Mohsen Raoufi
Time: 5:30-6pm and 7–7:30pm
Place: Karel Capek Lab, 
MAR Building (Marchstr. 23, 10587 Berlin), 2nd floor next to the elevators

Swarms, such as schools of fish, and flocks of birds, have shown a great capability of solving complex problems in nature. Such examples are bees finding the best nest site, or fish escaping from a predator. Here at the Swarm Robotics Lab of SCIoI, we demonstrate how a swarm of robots can solve problems, make accurate decisions, and perform tasks collectively using bio-inspired algorithms.


Joint “Meet the scientist” talk with all of Berlin’s seven clusters at Humboldt Labor exhibition
Title: “Die Soziale Intelligenz von Tieren” (talk, in German)
Speaker for SCIoI: Dr. David Bierbach
Time: 9:00–9.30pm
Place: Nach der Natur exhibition, Humboldt Forum, Schloßplatz 10178 Berlin

Viele Tiere zeigen erstaunliche kognitive Leistungen. Am Beispiel von Fischen wird Dr. Bierbach einige der beachtlichen Geistesleistungen von Tieren aufzeigen – vom Antizipieren des zukünftigen Verhaltens bekannter Artgenossen über das Kopieren bei der Partnerwahl bis zum Synchronschwimmen im Schwarm.


RBO event
Title: “Cool things robots do” (demonstrations)
By the RBO Lab Team
Time: 5-11pm, every 10 ten minutes
Place: RBO Lab, 
MAR Building (Marchstr. 23, 10587 Berlin), 5th floor next to the elevators


Three robotics demonstrations, in German or English depending on the visitor’s preference.

  1. Acoustic sensing with soft robot fingers: A soft robot finger that can hear what it touches
  2. Robot hand teleoperation: Control a robot hand with your own hand
  3. Robots better understand space when they move their eyes like humans