Ulrike Scherer

Postdoctoral Researcher

Behavioral Ecology





Photo: SCIoI

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Ulrike Scherer

Ulrike Scherer

Photo: SCIoI

Ulrike Scherer is a biologist with a special interest in the ecology and evolution of behavior. In her previous work, Ulrike focused on sexual selection and the evolution of personality differences (MSc and PhD work). Within the scope of the SCIoI cluster, Ulrike wants to understand how individuals develop intelligent (i.e. efficient, goal-oriented, adaptive) behavior using a clonal fish species, the amazon molly, as a model organism.


Ulrike Scherer is member of Project 21, Project 58.

Scherer, U., Ehlman, S. M., Bierbach, D., Krause, J., & Wolf, M. (2023). Reproductive individuality of clonal fish raised in near-identical environments and its link to early-life behavioral individuality. Nature Communications.
Scherer, U., Laskowki, K., Kressler, M., Ehlman, S. M., Wolf, M., & Bierbach, D. (2023). Perceived predation risk affects the development of among-individual behavioral variation in a naturally clonal freshwater fish. BioRxiv.
Ehlman, S., Scherer, U., Bierbach, D., Francisco, F., Laskowski, K., Krause, J., & Wolf, M. (2023). Leverging big data to uncover the eco-evolutionary factors shaping behavioural development. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
Ehlman, S., Scherer, U., & Wolf, M. (2022). Developmental feedbacks and the emergence of individuality. Royal Society Open Science.


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