Elena Merdjanovska

Doctoral Researcher

Computer Science

HU Berlin




Photo: SCIoI

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Elena Merdjanovska

Elena Merdjanovska

Photo: SCIoI

Elena Merdjanovska holds a B.Sc. in computer engineering from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Macedonia and M.Sc. from Jozef Stefan IPS in Slovenia. During her master studies, she collaborated closely with the Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory at the Jozef Stefan Insitute. During this time, she focused on machine learning applications to biomedical data and developed a unifying and extensible framework for evaluating neural network architectures for ECG arrhythmia classification. She joined SCIoI in October 2022, and is working on Project 44 (“Efficient Model Learning from Data with Partially Incorrect Labels”) under the supervision of Prof. Alan Akbik. Currently, she is researching methods to prevent memorization of incorrect labels during neural network training.


Elena Merdjanovska is member of Project 44.


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