Anna Klenova

Postdoctoral Researcher


Anna studied biology at Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia, and after graduation worked in the Laboratory of Animal Behaviour of the University. For her PhD and later projects, Anna focused on acoustic communication and social behaviour of different species of birds (cranes, geese, auks) and mammals (rodents, cheetahs). In particular, she studied the effect of individuality, sex, age, physiological state, disease or population on vocalizations and/or behaviour. Anna has extensive experience in work at remote areas (e.g. at seabird colonies of North Pacific), where she studied the influence of environmental conditions and social hierarchy on the vocal and behavioural parameters in individual birds. Last years Anna also worked in several Labs, where she studied the characteristics of ultrasonic communication in various rodent and lagomorph species.

As a postdoc, at SCIoI, Anna helps to investigate the intelligence of laboratory mice based on natural behavior and acoustic communication developed in alternative housing systems, Project 40A, “Big Mouse Data”.