General Program Structure

The SCIoI Master Track consists of modules, seminars and projects in various focus areas, organised over four semesters (two years) in accordance with the study regulations of the MSc program Computer Science.
The program is entirely in English, allowing wide participation of international students. It is however possible, if desired, to take other German-language modules that are relevant to the Computer Science teaching program.
To participate in the track, you will have to focus your studies on courses on Artificial Intelligence within the focus area “Cognitive Systems,” and complement this with a minimum of 12 credit points from courses on “Natural Intelligence,” e.g., from the fields of psychology, behavioral biology, and neuroscience.

The overall structure of the SCIoI Master Track study program is illustrated in the table below:


Requirements to obtain the certificate for the Science of Intelligence track:

Study focus on the “Cognitive Systems” area
– 6–21 ECTS for modules in the field of machine learning
– Participation in the Winter School “Ethics of Neuroscience and AI” jointly offered by the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (BCCN), the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, and SCIoI (3 ECTS)
– A minimum of 12 ECTS for modules with a focus on natural Intelligence (e.g., psychology, neuroscience, behavioral biology, educational sciences, philosophy of mind). You are free to make your own selection of courses. These credit points can be obtained within the focus areas “Cognitive Systems” or as electives
Master’s thesis within the realm of the Science of Intelligence disciplines

An example plan

To get an idea of possible module selections, please see the following example plan:
You can of course modify this plan according to your preferences, as long as the above criteria are fulfilled. If you are unsure whether your plan satisfies these criteria, please contact


An overview of our scientific work

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