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Workshop on Intelligence and Abilities

Intelligence is typically thought to refer to certain kinds of abilities that people have, such as language comprehension, abstract reasoning, and complex problem-solving. However, the exact relations between intelligence and abilities still remain unclear. Is intelligence itself a kind of ability? Or the manifestation of one? What are abilities? And which kinds of abilities, if any, are relevant to intelligence in humans, non-human animals, and artificial systems?

To answer these questions, Science of Intelligence and the Human Abilities Center for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (HU Berlin) will be bringing together six philosophers and cognitive scientists for a two-day digital workshop called “Intelligence and Abilities,” taking place on 22 and 23 March from 2–6:30pm (CET).

Each afternoon will feature three talks, followed by a roundtable discussion with all the speakers, who will be investigating abilities and intelligence both philosophically and scientifically. “There is currently lots of research trying to figure out what intelligence is, and the same goes for abilities, but not that much dialogue between these areas of research,” said SCIoI member Dimitri Coelho Mollo, who organized the workshop together with Sanja Dembic (Human Abilities, HU Berlin). “In this workshop we want to encourage a closer interaction between the people working on these questions so that they can help shed light on each other and help us better understand what both intelligence and abilities are”.

The speakers are Ellen Fridland (London), Romy Jaster (Berlin), Dimitri Coelho Mollo (Berlin), Carlotta Pavese (Cornell), Martin Rolfs (Berlin), Barbara Vetter (Berlin).

As exact times and titles are currently being defined, please come back to this page closer to the date.
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