Yunus Sevinchan

Postdoctoral Researcher


Yunus studied physics and received his doctoral degree at Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg. In his doctoral studies he used numerical simulations to investigate the resilience of evolutionary food web models and presented a conceptual framework for describing hierarchy formation in evolutionary systems. Furthermore, Yunus co-developed Utopia, a modelling framework that is designed to facilitate the implementation and analysis of models of complex and adaptive systems.
More generally, Yunus is interested in the fundamental mechanisms that give rise to emergent behavior in complex and evolving systems.
At SCIoI, Yunus is part of Project 41, “Self-organized criticality in animal collectives”. The project aims to better understand multi-agent systems like natural fish schools and their collective decision making processes. One key question is whether and how these collectives can self-tune to respond optimally to environmental cues and changing contexts, balancing the trade-off between high sensitivity and robust responses. The resulting models may also provide a blue-print for studying artificial multi-agent systems like robotic swarms and their ability to propagate information within the collective.