Xing Li

Doctoral researcher

Xing joined SCIoI and Prof. Oliver Brock’s Robotics and Biology Laboratory as a PhD Student in August 2020, in Project 28,“Learning to Manipulate from Demonstration (to Escape from a Room)”. His research interests are robotics, machine learning, and learning from demonstrations. ou cand find Xing also at his page. His current project at SCIoI is about developing new methods that allow a human to teach a robot complex, contact-rich manipulation tasks, such as opening complex locks.

SCIoI Publications:

Li, X., Baum, M., & Brock, O. (2023). Augmentation Enables One-Shot Generalization In Learning From Demonstration for Contact-Rich Manipulation. IROS 2023.
Li, X., & Brock, O. (2022). Learning from Demonstration Based On Environmental Constraints. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters with IROS Option.