Palina Bartashevich

Postdoctoral Researcher

Computer Mathematics

HU Berlin




Photo: SCIoI

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Palina Bartashevich

Palina Bartashevich

Photo: SCIoI

Palina is a computer mathematician and a computer scientist with a special interest in studying collective behaviour (swarm intelligence) of biological and artificial systems. In her previous work, she focused on the development of decentralised collective decision-making algorithms with a particular focus on the individual cognition (in terms of preferences, opinions, and beliefs of an artificial agent) in the group and the impact of the environment on the self-organised consensus process. Within the SCIoI cluster, she works as a postdoctoral researcher on the synthetic side of Project 33 in collaboration with the team of biologists to understand the biological mechanisms underlying the predator-prey interactions in group hunting behaviour.


Palina Bartashevich is member of Project 33, Project 58.


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