Marianne Maertens

Principal Investigator


TU Berlin



Phone: +49 30 314 24478


Photo: SCIoI

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Marianne Maertens

Marianne Maertens

Photo: SCIoI

Marianne Maertens’ research bridges the areas of computer science and psychology. Her key competencies are in experimental research methods and the study of human vision. To SCIoI, she will provide the empirical expertise to study perception, learning and (inter)action at the system level.


Marianne Maertens is member of Project 01.

Schmittwilken, L., & Maertens, M. (2022). Medium spatial frequencies mask edges most effectively. Journal of Vision.
Schmittwilken, L., & Maertens, M. (2022). Fixational eye movements enable robust edge detection. Journal of Vision.
Schmittwilken, L., Matic, M., Maertens, M., & Vincent, J. (2021). BRENCH: An open-source framework for b(r)enchmarking brightness models. Journal of Vision.


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