Lubna Rashid

Einstein Center Climate Change (ECCC) Fellow

Lubna’s work lies at the intersection of ecological sustainability, behavioral psychology, and digital entrepreneurship. She is particularly interested in understanding the drivers of (un)sustainable decision-making and the behavioral change surrounding climate adaptation and mitigation. She presently works with the Berlin Brandenburg Climate Change Center and the Princeton University Behavioral Science for Policy Lab with Prof. Dr. Elke Weber. Her current research aims to uncover the psychological states and traits (e.g. well-being, cognitive dissonances, moral disengagement strategies), personal experiences, and social norms surrounding the climate transition, particularly in the areas of building and transportation in Berlin and Brandenburg. Lubna’s eclectic background spans biology and ecology, industrial engineering, and entrepreneurship in fragile contexts. At SCIoI, Lubna is part of the Einstein Center Climate Change (ECCC) Visiting Fellowship, which links climate research with behavioral sciences and economics, and with Science of Intelligence.