Bassel Katamish

Doctoral Researcher

Comput. Engineering

TU Berlin




Photo: SCIoI

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Bassel Katamish

Bassel Katamish

Photo: SCIoI

Bassel Katamish graduated from the University of Stuttgart in 2021 with a Master’s degree in Simulation Technology. During his studies, he specialized in mechanics, numerics, and artificial intelligence. Before joining SCIoI, he worked as a researcher at the Zuse Institute Berlin as part of the UNSEEN project optimizing energy networks, where he was responsible for using machine learning to develop heuristics in the context of mixed-integer programming. His doctoral project at SCIoI focuses on the systematic design of multi-layered feedback control based on generating consistent levels of abstractions. Outside of the office, you can usually find him at a movie theater, a concert, or reading a book on the U-Bahn on the way to see friends.


Bassel Katamish is member of Project 43.


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