Arian Trieb

Einstein Center Climate Change (ECCC) Fellow

Arian Trieb is a predoctoral researcher at SCIoI, specializing in the study of decision-making processes and their impact on sustainable consumption. Arian recently completed an MPhil degree at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Prior to joining SCIoI, Arian gained valuable industry experience as an account strategist at Google. With a keen interest in understanding how individuals make sustainable decisions, Arian collaborates with Professor Johnson and Professor Creutzig, as well as postdoctoral researchers Lubna Rashid and Jonas Ludwig. Together, they focus on examining the effective implementation of choice architecture to promote the adoption of sustainable behaviors in the Berlin and Brandenburg regions. At SCIoI, Adrian is part of the Einstein Center Climate Change (ECCC) Visiting Fellowship, which links climate research with behavioral sciences and economics, and with Science of Intelligence.