TU’s Computer Science Master students can pick SCIoI as one of three tracks available

Great news for Computer Science students with an interest in intelligence research. Starting this coming semester, those enrolled in the TU Berlin’s Computer Science master’s degree program can pick SCIoI as one of the three tracks offered.


We are very happy to announce that intelligence science is now an integral part of the Computer Science Master’s degree at the TU. As TU students know, the TU’s Computer Science MSc course is organised through a track system that provides the option of a certified specialisation in a particular field. A track is a recommended course schedule which groups together modules focusing on a specific thematic area or area of specialization. Upon successful completion of a track, students are awarded an additional qualification within the master’s program with a certificate issued by the Faculty.

With an interdisciplinary study program, the SCIoI Track allows students to choose from a number of courses focusing on both natural and artificial intelligence, preparing them for a career in intelligence research, and it is an ideal learning experience for aspiring SCIoI candidates.
The program offers training on intelligence-related topics (perception, reasoning, learning, etc.) from the complementary perspectives of computer science and psychology, and prepares Master’s students for bridging synthetic and analytic disciplines. In addition, it gives students the possibility to better understand the ins and outs of a Cluster of Excellence.

For more information about the SCIoI Master’s Track, please visit www.scienceofintelligence.de/master-track




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