Scientific Networking Days 2023 – Science of Intelligence Annual Scientific Event

From 4 to 6 July 2023, SCIoI held its highly anticipated annual event: the Scientific Networking Days. The event brought together researchers, scientists, and experts from the Cluster’s various interdisciplinary fields to evaluate its new and ongoing projects, foster collaboration, and stimulate innovative ideas. The Scientific Networking Days proved to be a valuable platform for project presentations, knowledge exchange, and social networking.

The three-day agenda was packed with engaging activities, showcasing the breadth and depth of intelligence research undertaken by SCIoI. Project presentations formed the backbone of the event, with each project offering unique insights and advancements in the field. The members had the opportunity to delve into topics such as social responsiveness and its effects on learning in human-human and human-robot interaction, analysing human physical reasoning and strategy exploration on physical puzzles, ethical implications and debates on analytical and synthetic intelligence, shepherding behavior in predator- prey interactions, and more. Question and answer sessions following each presentation provided a platform for deeper exploration and discussion of the projects’ objectives, methodologies, and potential implications.

Beyond the project presentations, the Scientific Networking Days included social events that encouraged networking and fostered interdisciplinary collaboration. Members had the chance to engage in informal conversations, exchange ideas, and strengthen connections. The event created an environment that facilitated knowledge sharing and the cross-pollination of ideas, sparking innovative thinking and driving forward the science of intelligence.

A notable feature of the event was the yearly general assembly, which served as a platform for discussing the cluster’s progress and future directions. The assembly included reports from the Executive Board, the Coordination Office, and the Cluster’s various committees. It also featured the Executive Board Election, and the Research Data Policy Session underscoring SCIoI’s commitment to transparent data management and collaborative decision-making and ensuring a collective vision for the future of SCIoI.

The Scientific Networking Days proved to be a valuable platform for evaluating research projects, fostering collaboration, and stimulating innovation. By bringing together our experts from their various scientific disciplines, the event showcased the cluster’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of intelligence research. The presentations, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities served as catalysts for interdisciplinary dialogue and community building.

As SCIoI continues its journey of unraveling the mysteries of intelligence, the annual Scientific Networking Days will remain a cornerstone in promoting collaboration, inspiring breakthroughs, and nurturing a vibrant scientific community focused on advancing the science of intelligence


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