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NEWS: Register now for the three air-themed CollActive Materials Workshops in May

This workshop series is part of the BUA-funded project CollActive Materials, a joint science communication project of the two Clusters of Excellence Science of Intelligence and Matters of Activity. In this project, the two clusters draw from their respective thematic areas to imagine our possible futures with intelligent materials in a collective speculation that involves scientists, designers, and the general public.

Places are limited so register now!

Air is invisible. Air surrounds us and connects us – as people and as living beings. Air is material.

What happens when we become aware of air?
What  does air tell us?
How can we deal with it – now and in the future, individually and as societies?

In the workshop series “Futures of Air“ we invite you  to speculate about the futures of air – together with researchers from the Clusters of Excellence  “Matters of Activity” and “Science of Intelligence”.  In three independent co-designed workshops, we will be exploring the properties of air as a material, negotiate its role in our lives, and imagine our possible (and impossible) futures with it.

We are looking for people aged 16+ who are interested in speculating with us: people interested in materials, but also experimenters, or people who are simply curious.

Register for one of these workshops:

Workshop title: Es liegt was in der Luft (in German)
Stage and the Environment
Language: German

When: Sat 6 May 2023, 10am–6pm

Where: Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch


Workshop title: Von Kontrolle zu Kooperation (in German)
Theme: Air as Technology
Language: German
When: Tue 16 May 2023, 10am–6pm
Where: silent green Kulturquartier


Workshop title: Breathing in, Breathing out (in English)
Theme: Practices of Air
Language: English
When: Sat 20 May 2023, 10am–6pm
Where: YOGA at Lobe Block


Further information and registration for the limited places at: