Science of Intelligence

NEW! A sneak peek into our labs

Check out our newly inaugurated labs at Marchstraße 23!
Swarm Robotics Lab

In the Swarm Robotics Lab we investigate collective decision-making using small robots called Kilobots.

The Robotics Lab

In the Robotics Lab we build artificial agents and create the necessary environment for our experiments.

Robotics Lab and Humanoid Robots

Through the use of robots, we investigate social interaction and communication through Human-Robot Interaction experiments.

Robotics Lab with Motion Capture

In the Motion Capture Lab we investigate Human-Robot Interactions and other robotic movements

The Light Lab

In the Light Lab, which is part of the Vision Lab, we record the videos that are then shown to subjects in the Dark Lab (below), in order to record their eye movements.

The Dark Lab

The Dark Lab, also part of the Vision Lab, allows SCIoI researchers to perform state-of-the-art eye tracking while presenting high-speed visual stimulation at up to 1440 frames per second. In these images, Richard Schweitzer investigates the phenomenological movement of retinal afterimages in total darkness using his own custom-built LED monitor.

The EEG Lab

In the EEG lab we record electrical activity in humans using a passive system in a electromagnetically shielded chamber, and that this can be done even synchronously with two human participants that can each receive separate visual and auditory stimulation.