Useful Tips for Your Application

1. Your motivational letter

– explicitly describe how you fit to SCIoI and why you have applied to an interdisciplinary cluster such as SCIoI. What added value do you expect to find at SCIoI as opposed to monodisciplinary studies?

– describe how you can use your prior experience in the position you are applying for

– describe both the skills you already have for the position and the skills you want to acquire during your phd/postdoc

– if your experience does not match the desired background for the position, explain why you want to switch fields

– try to write an application that is as specific as possible for your project within SCIoI, and avoid making it sound like a general application

2. Your Curriculum Vitae

The CV should be in a tabular format and must include this form as well as:

– information about your research experience (projects, jobs, internships)
– information about your research interests
– information about additional skills (language, scientific methodologies)

Further, if applicable, you should include:

– a list of publications
– a list of the academic awards you have received
– information about stays abroad
– information about your extracurricular engagement (such as political or social voluntary work)

A picture of you is not necessary

3. Last but not least

Make sure you send in your application before the deadline, and good luck!


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