Humboldt Labor exhibition “After Nature” to open on 20 July

The wait has ended! On 20 July 2021, Berlin’s universities will finally inaugurate the Humboldt Labor, a space for scientific exchange and exhibitions housed inside the newly rebuilt Berliner Schloss.

Based on the interactions between the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and society, the Humboldt Labor aims to voice scientific concerns about man-made changes to the environment, but also to showcase Germany’s “Excellence Strategy” through the presentation of the clusters of the Berlin University Alliance in the exhibition “After Nature”.

“After Nature” features Science of Intelligence and Berlin’s six other clusters through a number of videos, interactive walls fostering dialogues between researchers and the public, and a digital projection of a school of fish, aimed at exploring both swarm behaviour and  the sensitivity of our ecosystems, but also to find a common research ground between all the clusters involved. The exhibition will be constantly updated and integrated with new elements and new discoveries, also featuring SCIoI’s experiment on adaptive rationality by Ralf Kurvers and an interactive research ward on Robofish conceived by Jens Krause and David Bierbach.

Entry is free for everyone, so we hope to see you all there on 20 July! Tickets for the exhibitions will be available from 13 July 2021. You can book your slot online or via +49 30 99 211 89 89, or visit


© Humboldt‐Universität zu Berlin /schnellebuntebilder / Foto: Philipp Plum


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